It's Gone!!!!!  It's Gone!!!!!



Keep a lookout for the 2014 calendar coming soon!

We are looking for members interested in becoming involved with the Social Committee


The Social Committee will be responsible for planning, decorating, and hosting our events.  You can be as involved as you would like.  Pick a party and make it yours!


Contact the Vice Commodore at if you are interested




Our slate of Officers and Commodore chairs:

Past Commodore : Jim McCarthy
Commodore : Scott Cook
Vice Commodore : Dick Swan
Rear Commodore: Scott Williams
Treasurer : Mike Vanderhoof
Secretary: Kathy McKinney

Board Position 1 year remaining in term - 2014
Bill Reese
Don Hanson

Board Position 2 years remaining in term - 2015
Mary Metzger
Dave Winberg

Board Position 3 year remaining in term - 2016
Jim Walas
Scott Bremment





Please remember the Lake Delta Yacht Club is a private club,

not open to the public.




Committees....We need your help!
  If anyone is interested in joining one of our committees please send an email to:

  •  -  Issues concerning the kitchen facilities and steward.
  • -  Issues and improvements concerning the sailing program.
  •  -  Issues and improvements concerning all items associated with the waterfront and facility infrastructure.
  •  -  Issues and improvements concerning the clubhouse and infrastructure.
  •  -  Flowers and general upkeep and beautification of the property.
  •  -  Long term capital improvements to the club and facilities.